First Official Spurtz Create Spray Painting Workshop

Spurtz began the spray paint development with new, safe and water-based chemistries, in light of new possibilities that even the younger and older children can imagine. It is all about taking a courageous step from imagination to making it a reality.

Often we may have heard people praising or criticising art and creativity but we, at Spurtz, believe that “Creativity is Courage” and today, 05th of March 2022, we are officially conducting our first off-line workshop and we believe that there is nothing better than a face-to-face interaction and creating an environment for sharing knowledge on various art forms with all participants, young or experienced.

Today at our workshop, we have invited Mr Sunil Gogia, a very humble and modest being, who begin his journey about 10 years ago and presently has conducted over 1000 workshops, corporate and for art stores. Spurtz Create team did few personal interactions with Mr Gogia, to see his professional work, his ethics and his ability to connect with participants and sharing knowledge with them.

The team is very excited to work with Mr Sunil Gogia into turning our first workshop event a day to remember. The team is busy taking pictures from all possible angles and using all their know-how on how to click pictures with their smartphones. First batch is ready with children, in the age range of 8 to 15 years. It is good for them since they are using the odourless spray paints, proudly developed by Spurtz, on paper for the first time.

And here it begins...our vision of creating safe and odourless sprays and seeing children, filled with excitement, using them. Let us see how it comes out at the end of the session.

The team helping out the children to learn how to use a spray paint on the Coral underwater theme. They are enjoying by using all the techniques which they may have seen in movies and tele-shows. I love it. We all love it. It is a complete pleasure to watch children doing all this and creating a heck of a show here. And here is the icing on the top...

Lovely time, lovely place, and lovely participants. Until next time...signing off.

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Team Spurtz.