Water Based

All products are water based and have minimal impact on the environment and the safety of the user.


Ultra Low Odor

The products are designed such that they have negligible odor levels for the users to focus on their creativity.



Years of research have enabled us to launch newer and newer effects to make creative and innovative art, just for you.


Child Friendly

Apart from being water-based, safe and odorless, the packaging size of the products is easy for children to use.


Sustainable Chemistry

Chemistry and technology used by us in our research are highly sustainable and eco-friendly.



The packaging material used by our design team are 100% recyclable.


Select from the unique and wide range of products for creating innovative art across various art forms with Spurtz Create and for use in daily life for overcoming practical challenges with Spurtz Life. The technologies used in producing the product range in Spurtz Create and Spurtz Life are environmentally friendly and safe on contact for everyone. 

The product features are way beyond the conventional technologies and the unique attributes and performance will drive you crazy enough to come back.

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